Every single day across Australia Spitwater pressure cleaners, Jetfire space heaters, and Vacstorm vacuum cleaners, extraction units and scrubber dryers are hard at work. Their applications range from mine sites through to farms, workshops, and factories; operating in a range of conditions including floods, droughts and fires.

Spitwater started as a small family business in Albury, NSW in 1982. For over 40 years everyday Australians have been running their businesses with a SPITWATER at the ready. These iconic products are utilised in a variety of Australian industries, and have an unbeatable reputation for being reliable and long-lasting.

The Spitwater company now comprises of solution specialists and outlets across Australia from Adelaide to Darwin, Brisbane to Perth. Here at Country Diesel Maintenance, we have been part of the Spitwater community since 1997.

The past is important, but the future is our focus. As your Spitwater specialist, Country Diesel Maintenance will be with you for the long-haul when you need advice, a service or a clever solution.