Welcome to Country Diesel Maintenance, where we are committed to the operation and safety of your diesel, electric and petrol-powered assets. With over 30 years of industry experience we have evolved into a Hino and Spitwater dealership in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, offering complex diagnostics and thorough servicing of your vehicles and equipment.

Our service system is designed to ensure that your equipment is maintained and reported correctly so you, the owner, remain well-informed of the status of your vehicles and machines. From your petrol or diesel Spitwater engine to 4WDs and Hino body trucks, we have the expertise to meet all your servicing and repair needs.

Country Diesel Maintenance also provide complete Fleet management programs with GPS tracking, ensuring your vehicles are serviced according to strict maintenance schedules, thereby minimising down-time and risk of vehicle failures.

We have helped numerous customers over the years who were frustrated with their vehicles and felt they had purchased a lemon. Many had gone to mechanics who religiously followed the manufacturer’s guidelines, which didn’t always work for their unique situations.

Our best example of what sets us apart comes from a fleet of Landcruisers with a callous life. The drivers didn’t always care for them, and the vehicles were used for rough tasks in extreme conditions. The fleet company had no choice but to replace them every 60,000 km. However, after they came to us, we could extend the service life of these vehicles, and they now have no mechanical or reliability issues when they are sold at 150,000kms or more.

This is our best customer, and we are proud to have helped them overcome their vehicle troubles.



Country Diesel Maintenance began as a mechanical repair business in Alice Springs, NT in 1992, servicing vehicles and machines for both remote communities and local customers.

However, after seeing the frequent breakdowns of vehicles serviced by local workshops, we realised the importance of prioritising vehicle safety by providing more extensive checklists than recommended and more frequent servicing.

As a result, the company has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality services that ensure the safety of our customer’s vehicles while catering to their unique needs. Today, Country Diesel Maintenance proudly serves a diverse range of customers, from small private owners to large multi-national companies with extensive fleet vehicles.

As a provider of Hino service, warranty and parts in Central Australia, we are proud to be associated with a brand that has been providing quality trucks and buses to the Australian market for over 50 years. At Country Diesel Maintenance, we share Hino’s core values of innovation, customer service, and sustainability.

In addition, Country Diesel Maintenance is the local Spitwater dealer, selling and servicing the full range of Spitwater equipment for over 20 years. Spitwater is a trusted Australian icon built tough and ready since 1982. Our Spitwater solutions are designed to meet your cleaning needs, whether you need a powerful high-pressure cleaner or a ride-on floor scrubber.