Service, Diagnostics, and Repairs

Getting you there and back safely.

Our objective is to keep you safe when touring remotely and around town. At Country Diesel Maintenance, we offer distinct levels of servicing depending on what your vehicle requires. Although we have developed our service program to suit your needs better, we still adhere to the manufacturer guidelines for the minimum service requirement.

Vehicle manufacturers have done considerable research to develop their service schedules. As a result, they have developed individual guidelines for service schedules, which are considered the minimum service requirements for the applications the vehicle will be subject to in average use.

However, we often find this schedule is not sufficient for our local conditions. Our robust service systems will check the status of all service items on every service, combined with a safety check designed for the severe conditions of the outback.

Using the manufacturer’s information as a guide, we apply what is factual and service as required, ensuring your asset is fit for use.

In our experience over the last 30+ years, more frequent servicing and repairs are required after only a few hundred or thousand kilometres since the last service. For instance, brake pads and discs can last up to 80,000klms but wear out in as little as 2,000 kilometres after rainfall. Metal fatigue due to our extreme road conditions can create breakages in vehicles even at 20,000klms. These vehicles would not remain safe if serviced only as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. We at Country Diesel Maintenance, have years of experience maintaining vehicles in our harsh conditions.

Personal contact with you, the owner, is essential for us to ascertain what level of servicing your vehicle requires to be kept safe and reliable. Knowing this, we offer a text and phone app to improve our customer service.




Our premier service, the “90-Point Service”, is highly recommended for vehicles that are working out bush or need to be maintained for long-distance travelling and towing. This service was the core foundation that grew the company’s values and mission, as it is far more thorough than any logbook service you will have had before.


Our “Basic Service” is a 45-point check usually done on vehicles with good service history and not subjected to arduous conditions. It is a cost-effective service that covers basic service requirements and safety checks. This quality service is less detailed than our 90-point service. Some clients alternate the 45-point service with the 90-point service, depending on the vehicle’s use. For further enquiries, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff through the contacts menu.


At Country Diesel Maintenance we have invested significantly in diagnostics equipment and tools.
We understand that your equipment can be complex, but with our specialised tools and expertise, we can efficiently and effectively test and diagnose issues.
We place great importance on training, and our employees constantly improve their knowledge and skills to provide you with the best possible service.
Our commitment to our values ensures that both we and our customers are satisfied with the quality of work.


All other work performed is considered as repairs and is undertaken as separate work to the service items. Repairs can vary dramatically in their nature and complexity. All repairs are performed on an hourly rate basis. Follow us on Facebook to find images of what we can do.
For further service enquiries, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff through the contacts menu. We also have FAQs available on both Facebook Messenger and Google Maps.


Managing fleet vehicles can be demanding and time-consuming for a small to medium business. That’s why we offer to take care of it for you.
Our GPS tracking system allows for automated reminders, ensuring timely maintenance without any extra hassle or delays.
Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on your core business. Get in touch with us today to learn more.