Spitwater: strength and reliability since 1982.
Did you know Spitwater are the largest manufacturer of pressure cleaners and heaters in the southern hemisphere. See their website for more information. www.spitwater.com.au

Spitwater’s reputation in Central Australia is testament to the quality servicing and support that Country Diesel Maintenance provides. Our dealership was promoted to Platinum by Spitwater in recognition of our commitment to ensuring our customer’s machines perform at their best. With over 2000 machines in our area, we help keep local businesses clean, safe, and operating.

Spitwater machines are robust and highly repairable if parts do wear out. With the proper maintenance, these machines can last for decades. At Country Diesel Maintenance, we have invested in your safety by ensuring that our technicians are qualified to work safely and test electrical equipment and high-pressure machines.

With our dedicated service area, we regularly perform routine and specialised servicing and repairs – with loan machines to reduce your downtime. In addition, we stock an extensive range of spare parts and new machines. Visit our dedicated showroom today stocking a wide range of products. To view the full range of Spitwater machines, or download brochures or specifications for your machine, visit www.spitwater.com.au.